Mosaic Laundry Series Cards – Megan Cain Mosaics

Mosaic Fancy Laundry – Megan Cain Mosaics

Mosaic Artist – Megan Cain – Madison, Wisconsin

“I am a mosaic artist located in Madison, WI. I took a mosaic class 8 years ago while living in Memphis, TN and created my first pieces. Soon after, several years of life changes and adventures interrupted my mosaic work.

Five years ago I moved to Madison, where I became involved in a community art project through the non-profit where I worked, Troy Gardens. I assisted a neighborhood artist (and now close friend) in teaching over 35 kids and adults how to make stepping stones and we installed them in the kids’ garden on the land.

It was so much fun that we decided to try it again the next year and created a mosaic fence for the kids’ garden with over 100 kids, senior citizens and adults. These community art projects reminded me how much I love mosaics and I decided to pursue more of my personal mosaic art.” Megan Cain – Wild Plum Mosaics

Mosaic Lots of Laundry – Megan Cain Mosaics

Mosaic Laundry Spring Breeze – Megan Cain Mosaics

Mosaic Crazy Laundry Day – Megan Cain Mosaics

Summer Laundry Mosaic Mirror – Megan Cain