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Laura Harris – Mosaic Artist

“Today, the world can appear fragmented and its people disconnected, mosaics allow me to fuse the pieces together to create something cohesive and beautiful , what I wish the world could be.” — Laura Harris

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Laura Harris was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1961. She is the daughter of the late Midwest sculptor/painter, Walter Lenz. Laura has been working in mixed media, including fiber art, acrylic art and mosaic art for over 25 years.

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More recently, Laura has concentrated on mosaic portrait art. She uses a direct method of application whereas each piece of tesserae is permanently adhered to a substrate. After sketching out a design, each individual piece of tesserae is hand cut to create unique mosaics.

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Her tesserae include venetian smalti and dichroic glass, 24 Kt. Italian gold smalti, porcelain, ceramic tile, mirror, stone and salvaged or recycled materials. Laura’s work has been compared to some of the great European mosaic artists of the 21st century.

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Laura’s career was not limited to the field of art. Laura graduated summa cum laude from UWM-Milwaukee with a master’s degree in 1985. She worked as a speech-language pathologist for over 15 years and was recognized in 1998 as one of the top 5 teachers in Wisconsin for her efforts in the field of Assistive Technology and voted New Berlin Public School Teacher of the Year in 2001.

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Laura has now retired from her teaching career to pursue her art full-time. Although handicapped with MS, first diagnosed in 1985, Laura has risen above her physical limitations to create fine art mosaic pieces that encapsulate the heart and soul of the subject matter.

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I was diagnosed with MS in 1985 ,but was able to work full time as a speech-Language pathologist until 2 years ago. My MS made it too difficult to continue. But, there’s always a silver lining and I discovered I could draw and create mosaic portraits out of glass and tile. I can’t feel when i cut myself… so, I guess this is what I was meant to do!
– Laura Harris

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