Lion on mosaic – san marco – venice, italy – Pax Tibi Marce Evangelista Meus II – Daisuke Ido

Byzantine mosaic gold lion – Palazzo dei Normanni, PalermoSicilia – ari kokomosaico

Byzanatine mosaic gold lions – Sicilia, Italy – ari kokomosaico

roman mosaic, bardo museum, tunis – al-‘urdun

Roman Mosaic Lions – Hamat, Israel – dgrushko

Bardo Museum – Tunis, Tunisia – gaeththomas79

Photographed at the Museo Archaeologico Nazionale di Napoli

Makonnen male lion at Brookfield Zoo,Il.USA – Jerry Scot

Lion Mosaic – carye1
Smithsonian Museum of Natural History. Washington, DC From the Ancient Greeks

Lion Mosaic imperez5

Lion Hunt, Mosaic (Detail) – inner3rflow
Close up of Mosaic depicting a Lion Hunt, located in Pella, the Ancient Capital of Macedonia

Lions attacking a wild boar mosaicMuseum at El Jem, Tunsia – WildFocus Images

Lion Mosaic – sbisson
Getty Villa, Santa Monica

Mosaic Lion – Jem-Museum-Mosiac- WildFocus Images
The centre section of the Procession of Dionysus, showing Dionysus astride a savage lion, while handing out wine to a Satyr. Museum in El Jem, Tunisia; Landscape

lion mosaic-El Jem-Museum-Tunisia – WildFocus Images

mosaic lion – bardo museum – sallycat101

Lleó, Mosaic de la Casa de Liber Pater, Museu de Sàbrata – Sebastia Giralt
Lion, Mosaic from the House of Liber Pater (detail), Roman Museum of Sabratha, Libya.

Mosaic lion detail – bardo museum – zacwoolfitt

Qasr el Lebya, – Lion Antiquite Tardive
Lion, Byzantine mosaic of the Eastern Basilica, A.D. 539-540, Qasr Libya.

Syrian Mosaic floor fragment 6th century CE – mharrsch
los angeles county museum of art

Villa Sileen, mosaic lion – Libya, Africa – h_savill

Eroding Lion – Cyprus – einarbrochjohnsen

mosaic man and lion – bardo museum – sallycat101

Mosaics in the stairway – british museum, london – mianakenobi

lion mosaic – istanbul,turkey – sh.ona

Mosaic with a donkey nursing lion cubs – CurlyMer
“This example of foster-mothering with different species would not have been a success; the donkey’s milk would not have been rich enough for the young carnivores, who would have become progressively weaker unless some other nourishment was found for them. The experiment could have been a staged event in an arena or a wild animal farm. The sponsor of the cross-fostering probably had it depicted, and others would have wanted copies of the memorable scene.” – from here..

Detail of a mosaic from the House of the Faun, Pompeii « Mosaic Art Source