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Mosaic Creek Park

Artist/ Facilitator: Glen Anderson & Marina Szijarto

This park was developed by the Britannia Neighbours, a group who envisioned a public green space in the place of three vacant lots. The project was sponsored by Britannia Neighbours Community Group. Originally, neighbourhood input indicated a desire for a stream to run through the park. When this proved impractical, a stream of mosaics was proposed as a metaphor for community. Artists Glen Anderson and Kristine Germann worked with project co-ordinator Sarah White to run workshops with area residents and school classes. Over 300 community members created individual mosaics to complete the path which wends its way diagonally across this small park. Other community artworks and features of the park include a pebble mosaic boarded herb garden, designed and coordinated by Glen Anderson and Marina Szijarto, specially designed wooden benches with text scrolled into them, and a basalt pillar play area designed by Sarah White.

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Technical Details (taken from Britannia Art Site Inventory (June, 2002)) The main section of the Creek is approximately 80 feet long and 5 feet wide. There are two shorter sections, each about 10 feet long. Each section is made from individual mosaic designs set into a concrete base. Individuals or groups of participants were given a shape cut from an overall template of the creek. The shapes, when re-assembled, gave a connected visual wave pattern. Participants glued whole and broken tile to netting for later installation, piece by piece and section by section. Wellbond Concrete-Compatible glue was used to secure the tile to the mesh. Thin-Set was used to attach the pieces to the concrete base. The entire creek was then grouted using regular exterior grout.

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