Famed Cave Canem – Mosaic dog – Pompeii, Italy – the cha

Mosaic of a Watch dog pompeii – mharrsch

mosaic dog – Pompeii, Italy – iNezy13

This mosaic is found at the house of Lucius Caecilius the second.

dolce far niente – tat2ntempe
Sleeping dog on mosaic floor, Pompeii, Italy

Beware the Dog – Naples Archaeological Museum – h_savill

Dog Mosaic at the Olearie Exhibit – Rome, Italy – christieannray

Deer & Dog & Duck Mosaic – Gaziantep Museum – Turkey – Aliza Rin

Dog mosaic, Bardo Museum, Tunis – cmccloskey56

Mosaic – Dog attacks wild Boar – Bardo Museum – Tunis, Tunisia – gareththomal79

Roman dog & hare mosaic Bardo museum Tunis – Harry Marmot

mosaic hare hunting – bardo museum – sallycat101

Mosaic Dogs Hunting – Roman Villa del Casale near Piazza Armerina, Sicily – Aidan McRae Thomson

Sicily Mosaic « Mosaic Art Source
detail of mosaic floor in an old roman villa centre of the island

Villa Piazza Armeria, Sicily, Italy « Mosaic Art Source
Roman Mosaic – Hunters’ sacrifice to Diana
The curved lines near the feet represent the dynamic moves of the bodies.

dogs mosic – Villa Romana del Casale – Piazza Armerina – Sicily, Italy – Big Dave1968

Mosaic Dog – British Museum Mosaic – listentoreason

Mosaics from Halicarnassus – british museum – london – mharrsch

London – British Museum – Mosaic of a Dog and a Boar Fighting – mindquake

dog mosaic hercules with pet – cerberus « Mosaic Art Source
‘Labours of Hercules house’ in Volubilis, near Meknes, Morocco

mosaic dog – sousse museum – tunisia – hrysman

mosaic dog – fetch! – berlin, germany, pergamon museum – drgillybean

Mosaic boy with puppy dog – Mosaics Museum. Istanbul, Turkey – iliana3012
Magnificent mosaics from the Palace of Constantine the Great.

Great Palace Mosaic Museum, Istanbul – Multitude

Mosaic Animals – Mosaic Dog Sculpture & Panels « Mosaic Art Source
Museum du Louvre, Denon, entresol, Egypte romaine, Salle A

Palermo – Sicilia – ari kokomosaico

Roman Mosaic found in the ruins of Herculaneum, Italy 1st century CE – mharrsch

Ancient mosaic found in excavations under the new Alexandria library – dlisbona

Dimensions: H 1.35m, W 1.35m
Material: Coloured marble and limestone cubes
Date: Hellenistic Period (2nd century B.C.)
Site: The New Library of Alexandria, Egypt

Fragment of a mosaic floor that bears a witness to the high artistic standard of the mosaic craftsmanship in Alexandria, especially these made for the Ptolemaic royal court during the Hellenistic period.The central part is in the form of a circle, surrounding a rare representation of a dog beside an inverted bronze Greek vessel (askos). The details of the scene and the reflection of light on the metal (bronze) are rendered with great artistic skill.The dog’s features are crafted with realism and delicate details. This artistic style is called “opus vermiculum”.
Bibliotheca Alexandrina, Arts & Musuems, Antiquities Museum, collection, Site of the BA

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