Cornwall Mosaic

7 x 8 inches, framed
stained glass, millefiori

Quetzel, Princess of the Woods

Quetzel Sasquatch mosaic - Kraken Mosaics

Quetzal, Princess of the Woods loves mushroom picking and hollow trees. Best friend is a squirrel.

6 x 8 inches, framed
stained glass, millefiori

Peace, Love & Hairiness

Peace, Love and Hairiness mosaic - Kraken Mosaics

Everyone can use a little peace, love and hairiness! This piece features three groovy Sasquatches and a bit of hippy overload. All polymer clay faces were created by my then 12 year old son.

stained glass, tempered glass, millefiori and polymer clay

hippie girl detail

hippie sasquatch mosaic detail 002 - Kraken Mosaics

VW bus detail

hippie sasquatch mosaic vw van

fish dinner

Fish Dinner mosaic - Kraken Mosaics

11.5 x 6 x 1 inch
stained glass, recycled ceramic and milky gems

Left Behind!

Left Behind! alien mosaic

6 x 6 inches
Aliens have landed! Search the yard for crop circles!

Sailor's Lament

Sailor's Lament Mosaic

8 x 10 inch, framed
An adaptation of Len Peralta’s “Birth of Venus” sketch (with permission).
stained glass, recycled ceramic, seed beads

Mosaic Artist – Eve Lynch – Fort Myers, Florida

“I create mixed media mosaic art using stained glass and recycled elements. I’ve always found delight in the visual and tactile qualities of these materials and I knew I was destined to work creatively with them.

I like to stretch the confines of my art form and revel in creating unique pieces of art from unexpected items.”

Eve Lynch – Kraken Mosaics