Dog Mosaic – Tommy and The Octopus – artpaw
My Scottish Terrier, Big Tommy and his green pal the octopus, oh and “ball” is at the top right

Queen Octopus mosaic collage – artpaw

12 x 12 stain glass on Wedi board

Queen Octopus Treasure mosaic collage detail – artpaw

Mosaic Artist – Rebecca Collins – Dallas, Texas

“I am very new to mosaics and have been addicted from the start. At first I did not think I would have the patience for this slow labor intensive media. The reality is I work pretty loose and fast at this point, and do not sweat the details too very much.” Rebecca Collins

Glass Mosaic Squid -artpaw

Giant Squid mosaic detail – artpaw

Squid Jiggin Time mosaic – artpaw

Evil Glass Squid mosaic – artpaw

Cephalapods mosaic – artpaw

2 Bug mosaics in Progress – artpaw

“Fig. 3 Bug” mosaic – artpaw