sometimes it is hard to see an artist in his work, originally uploaded by tilo driessen.

Fabrice turning his four-year old mural into a mosaic. His coat, a stand-out almost anywhere, blends into the background.

Kunstfabriek Mozaiek on Flickr – Photo Sharing!

Fabrice Mosaic (3) on Flickr – by Queer Fish

Kunstfabriek Mozaiek on Flickr –

Mozaïek op Marie Heinekenplein on Flickr – [nl] [carre]

Mosaic Penguin on Flickr – by Queer Fish

Fabrice Mosaic (2) on Flickr – by Queer Fish

mosaic on Flickr – groen65

Kunstfabriek Mozaiek on Flickr –

Heinekenplein – Amsterdam (Netherlands) on Flickr – Meteorry

Fabrice (far left) at work with glass and ceramic tiles at the Heinekenplein (Ferdinand Bolstraat) in the Pijp in Amsterdam

Who is Fabrice?

Fabrice is one of the true street art pioneers in Amsterdam, he was doing figurative art in the streets back in the late 70s.

Here he’s working on an impressive mosaique at Heineken Plein, ‘Het Kompas’. It symbolizes the world itself and is a working compass guiding you north, south, east & west. The figures tell a story about each geographical direction.

Mosaic Art Source – mosaic murals archive