Perdomo mosaic studio Project Detail – David Lacey

Perdomo Mosaic Studio

The artists of the Mosaic Studio paint with glass. The fusion of Italian & Byzantine ancient techniques in the hands of Mexican craftsmen create a unique result: a depured technique consisting of the freedom of form, a minimal spacing between smalti, gold or marble tesserae and the use of rich hues of tones.

The collaboration of 45 artists, some with more than 40 years of experience, the leadership of Liugi Schodeller, one of the best mosaicists in the world and the existing synergy between the technician and the artist is the fundamental structure of the Perdomo’s Mosaic Studio.

Perdomo mosaic studio – Indianapolis Airport Project – David Lacey

The Perdoma Mosaic Studio builds large smalti mosaics for artists from all over the world. While we were there, Dixie Friend Gay was inspecting her large project for Indianapolis Airport.

Perdomo mosaic studio – Butterfly Project Detail – David Lacey

This is part of the 5 x 10 metre mosaic for the Indianapolis airport by Dixie Friend Gay.

Perdoma Mosaic Studio – Inspection -David Lacey

Here Dixie is inspecting the almost finished mosaic for colour inconsistencies.. Note that the mosaic is being constructed using the indirect method, so Dixie needs to use a mirror to help relate the mosaic to the picture.

Perdoma mosaic studio Mosaic Artist – David Lacey

Note the use of indirect method on paper, and the use of hammer and hardie to cut the smalti.

Perdomo mosaic studio – Hammer and Hardie – David Lacey

Note the hardie set in concrete, and worn down over the years. At the studio, they only use hammer and hardie, not nippers, to cut the smalti

Perdomo mosaic studio – Smalti Assembly – David Lacey

Perdoma mosaic studio – smalti borders – David Lacey

The studio is building many metres of outside border for a park walkway

Perdomo mosaic studio – Smalti Store – David Lacey

The overflow from the main store room for the studio. The sacks and crates contain tonnes of smalti.