The 2011 Orsoni International Mosaic Fine Art Award

Orsoni Smalti Veneziani is proud to announce the winners of the Orsoni Prize 2011, the International Award for Mosaic Fine Art. The Grand Prize has been awarded to Julian Modica for his portrait, Frank Zappa. Modica will receive Euro 1,000 and a trip to Venice, Italy to attend a 1 week Master in Mosaic workshop at Orsoni.

Frank Zappa Mosaic - Julian Modica Marseille, France Orsoni Grand Prize Winner

Julian Modica
Marseille, France
“Frank Zappa”
Smalti Mosaic

Artist’s statement:
“In this work I combine different shades of primary colours together to create the colour of the skin. The interesting part of it is, how the eye of the spectator is re-organising the different colours to a unique colour.” 

The jurors, Lucio Orsoni, Honorary President – Angelo Orsoni and Pino Bisazza, President – Trend Group chose ‘Frank Zappa’ because of the artist’s exceptional success in “giving an extraordinary mosaic atmosphere through the choice of a subject which is certainly not ‘mosaic’”.

"Gold Leave" Mosaic - Erika V Haaland - Sao Paulo, Brazil

Orsoni Honorable Mention

Erika V Haaland
Sao Paulo, Brazil
“Gold Leave”
Smalti Mosaic

Artist’s statement:
“Leaves are the most motivating theme for me. I balance cold and hot colors. Gold is very representative in my work, it means an inner glow and strength that I feel when I’m doing my mosaic. In this panel I used three types of Orsoni Gold tiles and seven different types of Orsoni Smalti.” 

Finalist, Erika Haaland was chosen for evoking “the feeling of autumn with the use of the smalti colours and the luminosity of gold mosaic” in Gold Leave. Erica V Haaland will receive 3 kilos of Orsoni 24 k gold mosaic.

Orsoni Finalists

CYNTHIA FISHER - "Stochastic Processes" Mosaic

Cynthia L Fisher
Charlemont, MA – USA
“Stochastic Processes”
Smalti Mosaic

Michael Welch - mosaic art

Michael Welch
Wakefield, MA – USA
“Timeless Vortex- Antelope Canyon”
Smalti Mosaic

Rebecca Quattrone - mosaic art

Rebecca Quattrone
Shrewsbury, MA – USA
“Battito – Pulse”
Smalti Mosaic

We would like to thank all the artists that participated in the Orsoni Prize this year. The mosaics showed an amazing array of unique talent and accomplishment. All submissions will be posted on the Orsoni Fan Page on Facebook, Orsoni Smalti Veneziani.

With our warmest congratulations and appreciation,

The Orsoni Staff

2011 Orsoni International Mosaic Fine Art Award