How to attach a Handle to the Mosaic Hammer Head:

Preparing to assemble the mosaic hammer – merribeth

The Professor pushed the mosaic hammer head onto the handle with his hands — just far/hard enough so that it would stay in place for assembly. Notice that the handle IS smaller on one end than the other!

Seating the mosaic hammer head on handle – merribeth

See how far the mosaic hammer head traveled?! This happened really fast.

Mosaic hammer head seated on handle – merribeth

See the wood shavings? The mosaic hammer head is seated on the handle now. (Oh, and notice the shim in the old hammer? The Professor tsked-tsked when he saw that — said the person who assembled that hammer didn’t do it the right way.)

The hammer & its parts – merribeth

The nubbin of wood above the mosaic hammer head has been sanded.

How to Seat the Mosaic Hardie:

Seating the mosaic hardie into wood base – merribeth

Notice the square hole, and how he’s using the small end of the leftover hammer handle to seat the mosaic hardie.

Unseating the mosaic hardie – merribeth

If you want to move the mosaic hardie to a different piece of wood, just swing the mosaic hammer against it — on one side, and then the other — until it loosens.

Mosaic work station in the Orsoni Mosaic Studio – merribeth

Assembled mosaic hammer and hardie at my workstation. As you can see, my hammer is hanging from the handle on the side of the wood base for the picture.

Great Tip: the professor told me the hammer should always be moved off the wood at the end a working session, or the moisture in the wood could rust the hammer over time.

Mosaic Art Source mosaic definitions:

mosaic tools - mosaic hammer - martellina

mosaic hammer "martellina"

mosaic hammer – Italian “martellina” – mosaic tool used with a hardie to cut tesserae since ancient times. m.a.s. mosaic glossary

mosaic tools - mosaic hardie


hardie – used with a mosaic hammer the hardie has a chiseled edge and is traditionally mounted in a log. m.a.s. mosaic glossary

cutting tesserae with mosaic hammer & hardie

cutting mosaic tesserae with hammer & hardie

cutting – the method used to break up materials into various sizes of tesserae. The hammer and hardie have been used since ancient times and are still one of the preferred methods for smalti & stone.

The smalti or stone is placed on the blade of the chisel at right angles and by delivering a sharp blow with the hammer a clean-cut is made.

To facilitate cutting glass, the surface may be scored beforehand with a diamond tool. With smalti, since the cut edge reflects more of its brilliance, it is usually placed facing outwards in the mosaic (except in the case of metal-leaf tesserae).

Modern tools for cutting include tile nippers, tile cutters, wet saws & glass cutters. m.a.s. mosaic glossary

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