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For mosaic freaks only!

Come join us in Italy for two weeks of full immersion in mosaics.

This stimulating mix of hands-on followed by a week of touring the best mosaic sites and studios in Northern Italy will leave you with a deeper understanding and appreciation of both traditional mosaics and contemporary mosaic expression.

Your hosts, teachers and guides are Arianna Gallo,

Luca Barberini and Stephanie Jurs.

We’ll all meet up Sunday evening in Ravenna for a welcome aperitivo and a delicious dinner of local specialities.

kokostudio – ari kokomosaico

The first five days are spent at Kokomosaico, learning the traditional methods used for both Roman and Byzantine mosaics.

koko staff – arianna, luca & takoko – ari kokomosaico

After an introduction to the history of mosaics and a visit to Ravenna’s world-famous monuments, you’ll make two mosaics of your own under the expert tutelage of Arianna and Luca.

cutting marble – ari kokomosaico

You’ll learn to cut marble

taglio – ari kokomosaico

and glass into tiny tessere,


and using the double reverse method

rosone di Galla Placidia – ari kokomosaico

you’ll make a copy of a fragment of an ancient mosaic.

koko mosaic class – ari kokomosaico

Next you’ll design your own mosaic pattern and create it using the direct method. Both pieces will be finished by the end of the week and you can take with, or ship them home. (For advanced mosaicists, other workshop topics available.)

Stephanie ed io in Turchia – ari kokomosaico

Then in the company of Arianna and Stephanie, an American mosaicist who has been living in Ravenna for over ten years, you’ll begin a week-long tour of some of the finest mosaic sites northern Italy has to offer.

Galla Placidia Mausoleum – Byzantine Mosaics – Ravenna, Italy « Mosaic Art Source

In Ravenna itself and nearby we find mosaics ranging from the first century AD,

panchina detail – ari kokomosaico

through the naive and soulful medieval mosaics, right up to present-day expression.

Pomposa – mpuppett1

On Sunday we take off for Pomposa, with the remains of the 11th century Benedictine monastery whose church floor writhes with mosaic animals.

school of mosaic in spilimbergo – pavleeek

During the week we visit Spilimbergo, home to a lively community of mosaicists whose mosaic philosophy differs sharply from that of Ravenna’s;

Aquileia: biggest paleochristian mosaic surviving – andreiopop

Aquileia, northern Italy’s most important archeological site with a Basilica literally carpeted with early Christian mosaics;

Duomo di San Marco – fotopusch

and Venice, where we’ll span the centuries admiring the mosaics of St Mark’s,

Scan: apse mosaic Torcello Cathedral – James Macdonald

the 11th century mosaics on the island of Torcello,

orsoni smalti library – andrea sterling

and the splendour of the Orsoni glass and gold factory.

For more course information and details – KOKO-JU: a mosaic course and tour – Kokomosaico