George Fishman mosaic art – allitscrackeduptobe

The Sum of All Parts 2 is a diverse art exhibition conceived and curated by Dallas Master Mosaicist, Sonia King, which features local, national, and international mosaicists who recreate the ancient art of mosaics as a contemporary fine art sculptural medium with extraordinary results.

Julie Richey, Nightshirt mosaic art – allitscrackeduptobe

Ms. King has assembled an inspiring collection of artwork by modern mosaic artists who combine a variety of mosaic media and styles.

Julie Richey Nightshirt mosaic detail – allitscrackeduptobe

The focus of this show is to promote the expression of mosaics as a fine art medium.

Antonella Gallenda mosaic art – allitscrackeduptobe

The goal of the participating artists is to increase the public awareness of the distinction between mosaic as decorative craft and mosaic as fine art.

Shawn Newton, Adam mosaic art – allitscrackeduptobe

This captivating exhibition attracted the participation of artists from Texas, Connecticut, Florida, New York, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Washington, and from British Columbia, Canada.

Shawn Newton mosaic art – allitscrackeduptobe

Shawn newton mosaic detail – allitscrackeduptobe

Kathleen Fuge-Brown mosaic art – allitscrackeduptobe

Mosaic Art Source Gallery – Mosaic Artist – Sonia King Mosaics – Dallas, Texas

The curator of this exhibition, Sonia King creates one-of-a-kind, contemporary mosaics for gallery, architectural, community and home settings. Her award-winning art is exhibited both nationally and internationally and is represented in private, public and corporate collections.

Sonia King – Spinoff mosaic art – allitscrackeduptobe

Ms. King has visited ancient mosaic sites and studied with modern mosaic artists around the world. She is a founding member and President of the Society of American Mosaic. Additionally, Sonia has been granted membership and serves as a Director of the Associazone Internazionale Mosacisti Contemporanei (AIMC) in Ravenna, Italy. She has spoken on mosaic art in England, France and Brazil and is now teaching classes internationally.

Mosaic Techniques & Traditions: Projects & Designs from Around the World

Ms. King is also the author of Mosaic Techniques & Traditions: Projects and Designs from Around the World, a full-color, hardback book from Sterling Publishing. The book provides historical information on mosaics and mosaic-making traditions from around the world, extensive discussion of materials and design issues, in-depth technical instruction on the creation of mosaics as well as seventeen projects. Additionally, the book features a running gallery showcasing a variety of works by international, contemporary mosaic artists.

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Greg Hass – Singularity mosaic art – allitscrackeduptobe

Jenny Perry mosaic art – allitscrackeduptobe

Jamie Pink mosaic art – allitscrackeduptobe

Lynn Adamo, Silver Moon mosaic art – allitscrackeduptobe

Jo Braun, Concrete Wall mosaic art – allitscrackeduptobe

Jo Braun, Graffitiscape mosaic art – allitscrackeduptobe

Donna Young – Dancing with the LIght – mosaic art – allitscrackeduptobe

Lilian Broca, Surreptitious Dialogue mosaic art – allitscrackeduptobe

David Chidgey fish detail mosaic art – allitscrackeduptobe
Sherri King mosaic art – allitscrackeduptobe

Brooks Tower Freedom of Irrelevance – allitscrackeduptobe

Shannon Saunders mosaic art – allitscrackeduptobe

portrait mosaic art – allitscrackeduptobe

sunset mosaic art – allitscrackeduptobe

The Sum of All Parts 2 includes artwork by: Lynn Adamo, Jo Braun, Lilian Broca, David Chidgey, Lynne Chinn, Katrina Doran, George Fishman, Kathleen Frugé-Brown, Antonella Gallenda, Greg Hass, Jacqueline Iskander, Sherri King, Sonia King, Kelley Knickerbocker, Resa McCreary, Shawn Newton, Jenny Perry, Jamie Pink, Matteo Randi, Julie Richey, Nancy Ross, Shannon Saunders, Carol Stirton-Broad, David Stover, Linda Stover, Brooks Tower, Donna Young, and Sherry Zander.
Sum of All Parts 2