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The Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation was established in 1940 as the repository of the life work of Frank Lloyd Wright. The Foundation maintains its international headquarters at Taliesin West in Scottsdale, Arizona.

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The Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation is committed to advancing the ideas and principles of organic architecture, organic education, and conservation of the natural environment. The Foundation also seeks to preserve and enhance the lifetime contributions and ideas of Frank Lloyd Wright, and make available to the public opportunities to study and experience organic architecture.

Taliesin West interior mosaic & bust – Archman8

Mosaic Art & bust of Frank Lloyd Wright, Taliesin West, Arizona lumierefl

Mosaic Art – Clare Booth Luce – Frank Lloyd Wright: Taliesin West – Mi-ly

The mosaics above & below were gifts from Wright family friend, Clare Boothe Luce.

Clare Boothe Luce – Wikipedia

Clare Boothe Luce (April 10, 1903, New York City – October 9, 1987, Washington DC) was an American editor, playwright, social activist, journalist, ambassador, and congresswoman, the first woman to represent Connecticut in the United States Congress.

Taliesin West mosaic – Clare Boothe Luce – Michael Hollander

Taliesin West Mosaic detail – Clare Boothe Luce – Michael Hollander

Witty, perceptive, and determined, she was also a prominent figure in New York social circles.
Clare Boothe Luce – Wikipedia

Taliesin West – Buffalo Sculpture and Mosaic – idyllopus

Clare Boothe Luce incorporated many of the natural materials found in the desert nearby into her mosaics. (stone, deer antler, tree bark)

Taliesin West Frank Lloyd Wright – aringap

Taliesin West was architect Frank Lloyd Wright’s winter home and school in the desert from 1937 until his death in 1959 at the age of 91.

Frank Lloyd Wright Taliesin West entrance – oybay

Today, it houses the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation, a school for architects, and is open to the public for tours.

Taliesin West – Petraglyphs – the old and the (relatively) new – t-squared

It is located on Frank Lloyd Wright Boulevard in Scottsdale, Arizona in the United States.

Taliesin West Satellite Photo – Mr. Frosted

When Frank Lloyd Wright moved to Taliesin West, it was over 20 miles from Phoenix. Today, Scottsdale is just a stone’s throw from the front door.

Taliesin West – Frank Lloyd Wright photo – anthony thompson
Portrait of Mr. Wright in his office. By Pedro Guerrero.

Frank Lloyd Wright (born Frank Lincoln Wright, June 8, 1867 – April 9, 1959) was an American (of Welsh descent) architect, interior designer, writer and educator, who designed more than 1,000 projects, which resulted in more than 500 completed works.

Wright promoted organic architecture (exemplified by Fallingwater), was a leader of the Prairie School movement of architecture (exemplified by the Robie House and the Westcott House), and developed the concept of the Usonian home (exemplified by the Rosenbaum House). His work includes original and innovative examples of many different building types, including offices, churches, schools, hotels, and museums. Wright also often designed many of the interior elements of his buildings, such as the furniture and stained glass.

“Saguaro Forms and Cactus Flowers” by Frank Lloyd Wright – Creative Suggestions

“Saguaro Forms and Cactus Flowers” by Frank Lloyd Wright, Phoenix 1927
design donated by Mrs. Frank Lloyd Wright
executed by Nino Ortego
copywright 1931, reserved 1959
all rights reserved by the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation
Stained Glass

Frank Lloyd Wright glass panel at the Arizona Biltmore hotel… – staskerz
“Saguaro Forms and Cactus Flowers” Frank Lloyd Wright Stained Glass Detail

Wright authored 20 books and many articles, and was a popular lecturer in the United States and in Europe. His colorful personal life often made headlines, most notably for the 1914 fire and murders at his Taliesin studio.

Taliesin West, Frank Lloyd Wright signature – Rock Chalk Jayhawk Cartographer
Frank Lloyd Wright signature red tile at Taliesin West, Scottsdale

Already well-known during his lifetime, Wright was recognized in 1991 by the American Institute of Architects as “the greatest American architect of all time”. Frank Lloyd Wright – Wikipedia