obama mosaic denver – mosaic miracles
This mosaic is a collaboration between myself and 50 people –one from each state. I found my volunteers on the Obama website and sent each of them a mosaic kit to get them started on their panel.

obama mosaic piecing the mural together – mosaic miracles
This project began in mid-July when I was so inspired by Barack that I had to do something about it ! I wanted to create a piece of art that was a visual reminder of how excited people are across the United Stated about Barack Obama and his message of hope.

obama mosaic closeup – mosaic miracles
I found one person from each state (actually 52 people–there are 2 people from Vermont and 2 from Illinois) to create a mosaic panel that I sent them.

obama mosaic I heart Barack! – mosaic miracles
It was an intense project — it took over my life for 6 weeks — but it all was worth it the second I saw it installed at the Manifest Hope gallery in Denver — I was thrilled!!!

obama mosaic – One From every state – a35mmlife
Manifest Hope Gallery – DNC 2008 – Denver, CO
This piece is for sale and the proceeds will be a donation to campaign.

obama mosaic – Hey–THANKS! – mosaic miracles
It is currently installed at the Obama Headquarters in Minneapolis, MN.
obama mosaic project – a set on Flickr

Barack Obama mosaic – waiting line
“Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the CHANGE we seek.” – Barack Obama

This is inside the Minneapolis Barack Obama office.


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Mosaic Art House+Our Obama Poster – hyperakt
Boerum HIll, Brooklyn

Mosaic Art House+Our Obama Poster – hyperakt
Boerum HIll, Brooklyn

obama-mosaic – Barack Obama

I was fortunate to be able to grow up seeing America from varied viewpoints. My childhood was spent in Hawaii and Indonesia. After college I worked as a community organizer on the South side of Chicago focusing on improving living conditions in poor neighborhoods.

I came to understand that to truly solve the problems facing our communities, it would take a change in our laws and our politics. I ran and served for seven years in the Illinois state Senate, where I fought for expanding children’s health care, providing tax cuts for the working poor and enacting welfare reform. In 2004, I was elected to the U.S. Senate, where I have worked to pass laws securing dangerous weapons and making government more accountable. I have also opposed the Iraq war from the start, and believe that we need to bring our troops home so we can refocus on the wider struggle against terrorism.

Of all my life experiences, I am most proud of my wife Michelle and my daughters Malia and Sasha.

Flickr: Barack Obama

“The Arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends
towards justice.” (MLK)

Obama for America
Chicago, IL, US

Obama Fabric Mosaic Photo Portrait – diana.bracy

To obtain this image, I used a photograph that was scanned into my computer. Batik and hand dyed fabrics were used to finish the Art. Thousands of small pieces were used in this process. The colors are from the fabric and not from paint, even though it appears to look like a painting!

Obama Fabric Photo Portrait – diana.bracy