Just then… – Kath Jones
36″ x 20″
Pottery, glass, pearls, turquoise, amethyst, purple and blue fluorite, green calcite, citrine clusters, howlite and various other semi-precious stones.

Many Path’s – Kath Jones
14” x 24”
Pottery, Pearls, Fluorite, Glass, Mirror, Glass Tile, Shells, Brachiated Jasper, Pebbles, Aragonite Cluster, Howlite, Turquoise

“Bianco Si Trova” – Kath Jones
Pottery, Tile, Crystals, Oyster shells, Pearls, Marble, White Turquoise, Microbeads

“Lotta Della Vita” – Kath Jones
Pottery, Pearls, Glass Glass tiles, Shells, Citrine, Oyster shells, Turquoise, Coral, Rocks, Verdigris penny’s, Paua shells, Goldstone

Dolor – Kath Jones
10 ” x 18″
Pottery, china, turquoise, red jasper stones.

“Un Moment de Paix” – Kath Jones
Pottery, China, Glass, Rocks, Shells

A Soldiers Heart… – Kath Jones
A tribute to our fallen soldiers. This piece came about one day listening to “The Dixie Chicks” song “Travelin’ Soldier” and thinking of all the wasted young lives. The bravery of our young men and women and the courage it must take to be a soldier knowing that in one split second…..

18” x 20”
Pottery, metal, old nails, pearls, glass, semi-precious stone, Czechoslovakian beads, Mexican smalti

” Paix Verte ” – Kath Jones
Pottery, shells, pearls, semi-precious stones, flourite, Czechoslovakian beads, agate, mexican smalti, beads

” Chemin De Liberté ” – Kath Jones
Pottery, China, turquoise stone, pearls, glass, shells, stones

Embrion – Kath Jones
(17″ x 27″)
Pottery, stones, precious stones, petrified wood, pearls, shells

Cinnamon Hill Design

Mosaic Artist – Kathleen Jones – Oregon

Kathleen is inspired by a variety of images. Abstracts are only part of her vision. Trees, landscapes, Celtic letters and designs are other inspirations. She has been seen in local art shows, done commissioned work for professional buildings, and has pieces in private collections across the United states. Her goal is to expand the limits of mosaic work into possibilities never thought of before.

“The tesserae (individual fragments) I use are usually salvaged pottery and china. I have a special affinity for ‘mistakes’ on an individual pot. I’m attracted to the colors and textures on these discarded pieces ~ the way the glazes drip down the sides and blend with other glazes can be one of the most beautiful things in the world to me; they are like gemstones! I love to bring new life to these objects that are thrown or given away.” ~ Kathleen Jones – Cinnamon Hill Design

Bren Diagram – Kath Jones
Pottery, glass, beads, semi-precious stones, china.
This piece was about my own personal experience breaking out the confines of a very limited view point on what life should and can actually be. It is named for my second son and a peice of art he did in the summer of 2006, as his art was actually the inspiration for this piece.