mosaic yoga frog – moesache

Mosaic Road Kill – moesache
While walking with my friend Dawn, one day, I found a slightly mangled catalytic converter cover in the street. Recognizing that it was “road kill” waiting to be re-invented, I added some glass, tile, and a few other re-purposed objects lurking in the studio and came up with this guy. What you can’t see in the photo is a life-like fly under the glass “nose”.

Mosaic Coy Koi – moesache
Sit him by the pond, or in the garden! Mosaic glass, tile, cabochons on clay.

mosaic hula hoop frog – moesache

mosaic turtle on grass – moesache

Mosaic Wish Fish – moesache

mosaic pig – cornholio – moesache
A swine before her time. Mixed media glass mosaic, beads, tile, smalti, metal snake belt tail, and of course, a hidden ear of corn near her holio

Moes Ache Studio

Mosaic Artist – Cappi Phillips – Bloomington, Indianapolis

“As the focus on our planet becomes more centered in renewable resources, I am challenged to re-use and re-invent materials in an attempt to show others what can be done with society’s orphans. Mosaic lends itself naturally to this challenge. Broken pottery shards transform an outer surface; discarded plastic bags form a lightweight, environmentally friendly core. Using these materials in innovative ways, together with a touch of humor, I want to create public and commercial artwork that evokes a smile while reminding us of our role as resourceful stewards of our planet.

If our trash is to come back and haunt us, it should be in a form we can enjoy!”