Mosaic Mural – Byrne Creek School Students – Art Teacher – Sue Lin – Burnaby, British Columbia – Canada

Who is Ms. Sue Lin?

Education: B.A., B.Ed., M.A.

Ms. Lin is the Visual Art, Ceramics and Sculpture, and Art Foundations teacher at Byrne Creek Secondary for the 2006/2007 school year. In 1991, she obtained her Fine Arts diploma from Langara Community College. Following two years of Fine Arts training, Ms. Lin attended York University in Toronto for a year to study commercial art. While in Toronto, she enrolled in the Co-Op Program where she completed a joint work/study program in advertising. In 1992, she returned to Vancouver, the city she loves, to earn a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Education at the University of British Columbia.

Upon graduation, Ms. Lin traveled to Asia and taught English as a Second Language (ESL) in China and Taiwan. She loved the experience of working and traveling while teaching in various parts of the world. Back in British Columbia, her first teaching assignment was at Burnaby South Secondary School where she taught Mandarin for a year. Following a year of teaching languages, Ms. Lin went to Alpha Secondary School where she taught Fine Arts from 1996 to 2004. At Alpha Secondary, she enjoyed teaching Advanced Placement (AP) Art where she assisted students with the preparation of their art portfolios which would further their education and training in the arts. She is a member of the AP College and has attended Advanced Placement Conferences in Vancouver and Los Angeles. Before coming to Byrne Creek Secondary, Ms Lin spent a year at Cariboo Hill Secondary where she recently taught Art and ESL. Ms. Lin has taught in the Burnaby School District for 10 years, and recently completed her Master of Art Degree. Subjects taught include: ESL; Mandarin; CAPP 11; and, the Arts. Ms. Lin loves teaching and looks forward to sharing her passion of the arts with her students.

Ms. Lin’s Visual Art Class – Mosaic Groups

Group A – Grabrile Lam, Yeong Jin Jeon, Michael Kim, Xiao Yi Huang, Ada Jiang, Nathan Chu.

Group B – A Young Min, Joyce Chang, Shioro Fukada, Catherine Ryu & Hamdy Farah.

Group C – Christina Florian, Razma Mohammad Yusof, Omeryra Gadri & Hossein Rasooli.

Group D – Michelle O’Hanlon, Marisha Nachor, Michael Cortez, Michael Kirkpatrick & Daniel Bowes.

Group E – Monique Limin, Czarina Carino, Vanessa Chiang & Razieh Jafari.

Group F – Aris Mohammad Yusof, Grace Musaka, Evangeli Anteros, Oscar Valle & Abele Fresew.

Mosaic materials & tools list:

mosaic adhesive - weldbond adhesive ex.weldbond

– used to bond tesserae to a base. ex. thinset, weldbond, silicone. m.a.s. mosaic glossary

mosaic-grout grout ex. custom polyblend

grout – a type of chemically setting cement that fills the interstices between the tesserae. Grout produces hard, dense joints that are resistant to shrinking, cracking and wear. m.a.s. mosaic glossary

mosaic-two wheeled mosaic cutter two wheeled mosaic cutter

two wheeled mosaic cutter – a hand tool for cutting mosaic tesserae, great for glass. m.a.s. mosaic glossary

Mosaic definition vitreous tile m.a.s. vitreous tile

vitreous tile
– square glass mosaic tiles most commonly 3/4″ x 3/4″ made in molds from glass paste. They have a smooth top but the bottom is keyed with ridges for better adhesion. m.a.s. mosaic glossary