Nek Chand has stirred the imagination of rich and poor and persons of all races and nations, regardless of their beliefs. It is a mixture of folk-art and provocative plastic forms of all shapes and sizes, blended in a natural and most imaginative environment created by the Master of Arts.

Going through the narrow passages one can experience sudden surprises of beautifully landscaped open spaces articulated by sculptures reminding you of Henry Moore. Nek Chand’s architectural and engineering innovations have the touch of Antonio Gaudi.

Nek Chand rock garden picassiette mosaic birds sculpture – india – blaighnid
Of course, Nek Chand is unaware of such big names or their works!

Nek Chand Garden mosaic birds pebble rock sculpture wall on Flickr – Uri Zer aviV

Nek Chand picassiette mosaic goose garden sculpture – fiercetigress

Nek Chand picassiette & pebble mosaic garden sculpture – mirthwood

The only dream Nek Chand was not aware of was that one day he would rank among the great masters and would receive unmatched recognition and the most prestigious awards.

Nek Chand – Rock Garden Art walls stones pebble mosaic on Flickr – rougetete

Nek Chand picassiette mosaic peacock garden sculpture– fiercetigress

NNek Chand picassiette mosaic garden sculpture – rougetete

Nek Chand is far greater than his creations.

Nek Chand picassiette mosaic horse garden sculpture – fiercetigress

Dog mosaic sculpture, Picassiette Rock Garden Chandigarh, India – Dey

Nek Chand Rock Garden Art sculpture pebbles on Flickr – Carol Mitchell

He does not speak much, but his creations speak volumes for him. M.N. Sharma – Nek Chand Foundation

Nek Chand pebble mosaic bear garden sculpturefiercetigress

Nek Chand pebble mosaic animal garden sculpturefiercetigress

Nek Chand outsider art mosaic and elephant garden sculpture – pashasha

Nek Chand india outsider art mosaic garden sculpture – Ant Smith

Animaldom at Rock Garden on Flickr – Two little Shutterbugs

More mosaic animals on Flickr – Two little Shutterbugs

Nek Chand india outsider art mosaic animal sculpture – fiercetigress

Nek Chand india outsider art mosaic dog sculpture – pedroquintelaborges

Ceramic tigers on Flickr – Two little Shutterbugs

Wooden monkeys mosaic outsider art on Flickr – Indian Curry

Monkey see, monkey do on Flickr – Two little Shutterbugs

Monkey sculpture Nek Chand india outsider art
– Ant Smith

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