Shih-Tsu mosaic dog on Flickr – ari kokomosaico

Shih-Tsu mosaic dog on lime base – ari kokomosaico

Dog Parade Mosaic Chihuahua on Flickr – Flavio Pastor

Dog Mosaic Chihuahua on Flickr – Photo Sharing!

SICIS Tile -The Art Mosaic Factory on Flickr – shunzan

Mosaic Dog on Flickr – by OrchidArts

Funny Mosaic Dog on Flickr – domar

Tracking a mosaic cat – mosaic dog on Flickr – Verb My Noun

Payne Avenue mosaic pet dog on Flickr – thekidds

mosaico palencia dog out on Flickr – Edu-im

walls of a 19th century local casino in the main street of Palencia, a medium-sized city in Spain.

Dog Medallion Mosaic of Wanda on Flickr – electra-cute

For all my outdoor projects that hang I use 1/2″ plexiglass. Anything thinner can bend so 1/2″ is the thinnest I would go. Spray a glass “frosting” product on the back or use an opaque plexi. The only problem with opaque is that the light can’t pass through the beautiful glass

The only adhesive that I found which works on all surface to surface adhesion is Weldbond and it dries totally clear and waterproof and is flexible to handle the elements.

This piece has been in our garden from 100 degrees down to 15 degrees in Oregon for 4 years now and doing great.

Mosaic Dog Vancouver, BC on Flickr – mag3737

Mosaic Beware of Dog Pompeii on Flickr – the_cha

afghan dog on wheels Milan, Itlay on Flickr – ninaduckling

Putto chasseur, Mus̩e du Louvre on Flickr РAntiquite Tardive

Musée du Louvre, Denon, entresol, Egypte romaine, Salle A

cave canem mosaic copy on Flickr – ari kokomosaico

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