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“Maria”, right side detail on Flickr – julielucus

“Maria”, left side detail on Flickr – julielucus

“Maria”, jet pack detail on Flickr – julielucus

“Maria”, face detail on Flickr – julielucus

“Maria” is a life-size mixed media sculpture consisting of thousands of metal screws, chrome and silver parts. More than 600 hours went into her creation. “Maria” features hundreds of metal objects ranging from a martini shaker – to a kazoo. Her dimensions are 75”x25”x19”.

Photographs taken on the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah.

Mosaic Artist – Julie Lucus

Artist statement: Maria has come to represent many things to me which parallel my own life: Strength, tenacity, and fearlessness. Maria is a survivor, a warrior, a woman.

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