Market Day II
33.5″ x 22″
onyx, granite, marble, travertine, ceramic

Mosaic Art Source – Mosaic Interview – Brooks Tower

I wanted to interview Brooks… but was ummm… a tad scared. Why you ask? Well, let me tell you a little something about my friend Brooks. He’s fantastic… handsome, charming, creative, insanely brilliant, a killer wit & he’s definitely not afraid to speak his mind. Of course, I love him, but thought… I’ve just got no idea where that mind of his might take us… an interview? Now that would be just pure craziness…

Mosaic Art Source Article – full interview with Brooks Tower

Mosaic Art Source mosaic definition:

mosaic-opus sectile
opus sectile – mosaic detail – “tiger assaulting a calf”

opus sectile – the tesserae are of various sizes but cut very carefully to form exact shapes, the shapes then fit together like a puzzle. Similiar to marble marquetry. ex. tiger assaulting a calf – coloured marbles – second quarter of 4th century AD Rome, Esquiline – Basilica Iunii Bassi m.a.s. mosaic glossary

Mosaic Art Source – Mosaic Art Focus April Newsletter

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