Mosaic Artist – Irina Charny with her Mosaic Seasons

If you’re like me, whenever you think of thinset, you think of a big messy production. Irina shares her quick & easy solution…

  • m.a.s. Your famous “thinset in a bag” makes working with thinset a breeze, can you explain how it works?

Mosaic Artist – Irina Charny – Self Portrait

  • Irina On the same principle as a cake decorating thingy. I tend to work in rows of tesserae. I mix up a small amount of thinset, put it into a sandwich ziplock bag. Twisty tie the top and snip off one corner. That way I can squeeze out a bead of thinset and set a row of tile then go on to the next row. The thinset lasts a long time in the bag, too. Gives me lots of working time.

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