There’s a moon over Herzl street, tonight. on Flickr – by yoel herzberg

Shalom Tower ( Migdal Shaalom) on Herzl street, Tel Aviv.

Shalom Meir Tower (Hebrew: מגדל שלום מאיר, Migdal Shalom Meir; commonly shortened to מגדל שלום, Migdal Shalom) is an office tower in Tel-Aviv which contains a small commercial center. Shalom Meir tower was the first magnificent and tall tower to be built in Israel and when its construction was completed, it rivaled the tallest buildings in Europe in height, and was the tallest in the Middle East. It has 34 floors and stands at a height of 142 m (466 ft), it was completed in 1965.

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Israel May 1995 – Tel Aviv – Mosaic mural, originally uploaded by πρώρα (Prora).

Nahum Gutman (1898-1978) was born in Romania and immigrated to Israel in 1905. He grew up in Jaffa, opposite the sand dunes (later to become Tel Aviv), and these locations dominate his landscapes. He was one of the first children to live in the new city of Tel Aviv, and this influential childhood experience is reflected in his books A Small City with Few People and Between Sands and Blue Skies. He became known as prolific children’s book author, and illustrator. His works earned him the title “the artist of early Tel Aviv” seeing as he had a knack for portraying the bohemian and realistic vision of the city and its people. Gutman is also famous for his illustration of Bialik poems and for mosaics he designed in Tel Aviv: in the Shalom Tower, the Chief Rabbinate Building, and the old City Plaza, Bialik Square. They were created in 1970 and they tell the story of the daily life in Tel Aviv and Jaffa. After his death the Nahum Gutman Museum was founded. It is located in what is considered Tel Aviv’s first Jewish neighborhood, Neve Tzedek. The Mosaic in the western wing of the Shalom Tower tells us of the beginning of the city. The mosaic is divided in four different colors each representing a period in the life of the city. Holiday in Israel


IMG_0964, originally uploaded by abigailk.

Part of a large mosaic mural in the Sholom Tower that depicts the building of Tel Aviv.

IMG_0965, originally uploaded by abigailk.

This portion depicts an old-style Israeli farmer, a new Russian immigrant, and the overlap of the two.

IMG_0966, originally uploaded by abigailk.

Part of a mosaic mural in the Shalom Tower depicting the building of Tel Aviv.