Curves and Angles mosaic, originally uploaded by Sheila Hudson.

Elegance mosaic on Flickr – by Sheila Hudson

Insight mosaic on Flickr – by Sheila Hudson

mosaic eye on Flickr – by Sheila Hudson

Who is Sheila Hudson?

Sheila Hudson Mosaic Art

“No matter what the subject matter or medium, interesting shapes and patterns and a playful freedom characterize my work. Not interested in reproducing things as I see them, I would much rather express a unique viewpoint, emotion, fun or drama! My greatest reward is when others appreciate my unique approach and understand what I have to say whether it be in jest or in earnest. When my work is understood, I know I’ve communicated well through the most eloquent of Languages, Art.”

Sheila Hudson – Mosaic Art, Cowboy Art, Whimsical Art, Drawings or Abstract Art!