Ceramic tile mosaic detail on Flickr – by annpar

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tesserae – small, usually square pieces of glass or other material used to make a mosaic. Their size generally ranges from a few millimetres to two centimetres long and five to ten millimetres thick. The term derives from the Greek word meaning “four-sided”. m.a.s. mosaic glossary

Vitreous Tile Mosaic detail – by pauldub

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Mosaic definition vitreous tile m.a.s. vitreous tile

vitreous tile – square glass mosaic tiles most commonly 3/4″ x 3/4″ made in molds from glass paste. They have a smooth top but the bottom is keyed with ridges for better adhesion. m.a.s.mosaic glossary

Smalti mosaic detail on Flickr – Jef Poskanzer

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mosaic glossary image - smalti smalti

smalto (pl. smalti) – smalti is characterized by its dazzling range of brilliant opaque colors. Smalti is prepared by adding crystalline material (corpo) and coloured material (anima) to the colourless or coloured fused glass. Smalti is literally available in thousands of colors, is a very stable glass, easy to cut and very durable. m.a.s. mosaic glossary