Zoe’nin mozaik, Ayasofya, İstanbul, originally uploaded by El senyor dels Bertins.

Hagia Sophia’s south gallery. The first mosaic portrays Christ enthroned, between the Empress Zoe (1028-1050) and her third husband Constantine IX Monomachus (1042-1055). Constantine offers Christ an apokombion (purse estimated to contain gold coins weighing about 3 kgs. ) . Zoe presents Christ with a scroll inscribed with a list of her donations to the church. In accordance with older practices, the principal figure of the composition-in this instance that of Christ-is depicted on a larger scale, which is also meant to stress the difference between divine and human nature.

Mosaic on Flickr by Mistress B

mosaic of jesus on Flickr – by kristinemarie223

Mosaic detail on Flickr by Mistress B

Mosaic detail on Flickr by Mistress B

Hagia Sophia – Empress Zoe mosaic – detail, originally uploaded by birdfarm.

Hagia Sofia mosaic on Flickr – by jason_bennett

Hagia Sophia’s South Gallery — Mosaic of the Emperor John II Comnenus (1118-1143) and his consort Irene presenting a bag of gold coins and a scroll inscribed with a list of donations to the Theotokos.

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