Tonantsin Renace, take 2, originally uploaded by ehoyer.

mosaic1 on Flickr – by mofo

Segment of the Mural/Mosaic “Tonantsin Renace” by Colette Crutcher on Flickr-funkandjazz

Mosaic Mural “Tonantzin Renace” by Colette Crutcher, on 16th St. near Sanchez – San Francisco, California

Who was Tonantzin?

In Aztec mythology, Tonantzin was a lunar mother goddess. Like Tlaltecuhtli, she was sometimes depicted as a toad swallowing a stone knife.

In modern Mexico, the most important religious building (Basilica of Guadalupe) is built where the Tonantzin pyramid once stood. Some anthropologists believe that “Our Lady of Guadalupe” is a “Christianized” Tonantzin.

In literature, Tonantzin is the tragic heroine in Palomar by Gilbert Hernandez, who makes a living from selling deep fried babosas (giant slugs) in her Central American village. She is cited as being named after the goddess

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Mosaic Art Source – Colette Crutcher mosaic artist archive

Mosaic Art Source – mosaic murals archive