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Artist Demonstration 1, Savelli Gallery, Rome. Artist micro-inlaying mosaic of painting.

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Artist Demonstration 2, Savelli Gallery, Rome. Artist sets tiny pieces of enamaled glass into a micro-inlay mosaic. Designed based on a painting.

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Artist Demonstration 3, Savelli Gallery, Rome. Artist selects colors of enameled glass and puts them in a crucible to be heated up.

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Artist Demonstration 4, Savelli Gallery, Rome. Artist heats enameled glass in to a softened state.

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Artist Demonstration 5, Savelli Gallery, Rome. Artist pulls soften emameled glass into long, “spaghetti” shaped forms used in micro-inlay mosaic. (filati)

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Micro-inlay mosaic, Coloseum, Rome, ca. 19th century, a type collected when the “Grand Tours” were popular. Comparables in the Savelli Family Collection, Rome.

Savelli Mosaic Gallery

This company specializes in the manufacture and sale of mosaics, an art form as old as the Roman Empire itself. Many of the objects in the company’s gallery were inspired by ancient originals discovered in thousands of excavations throughout the Italian peninsula, including those at Pompeii and Ostia. Others, especially the floral designs, rely on the whim and creativity of the artists. Objects include tabletops, boxes, and vases. The cheapest mosaic objects begin at around $130 and are unsigned products crafted by students at a school for artists that is partially funded by the Vatican. Objects made in the Savelli workshops that are signed by the individual artists tend to be larger and more elaborate. The outlet also contains a collection of small souvenirs, like key chains and carved statues.

Savelli | Store/Shop Review | Rome |

Savelli Mosaic Classes – Rome, Italy

Courses last three months, beginning in January and June. Our teachers are expert artists and scholars. Lessons include theory, practical application and visits to the Vatican Museums. Each participant will receive a certificate upon successful completion of the course.

Vatican City – religious shop

Mosaic Art Source – Micromosaic Images Archive