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Giorgione – Smalti Mosaic made by F&B mosaic in Lucca, Italy

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The mosaics above & in the 2 previous posts were created by The F & B Mosaic Studio from Lucca, Italy. The F & B company is one of the leaders in the production of mosaics and realizes many very important mosaics mostly in the USA, from churches to mausoleums. They specialize in Byzantine style and produce very important mosaic for Greek-Orthodox church. Recently, they are doing restoration of existing mosaics and some floors of monumental structures and altars. They are currently remaking all the mosaics of the Berlin Dome…They also produce marble mosaics using modern technologies and obtain very important orders from hotel companies.

Mosaic Art Source – F & B mosaic studio image archives

Thanks for all the fabulous information Manalojr let me know if you find info on F & B’s website… 🙂