Kerk Scheveningseweg, originally uploaded by roel1943.

Kerk Scheveningseweg – Antoniusabt Church – The Hague, Holland

The Holy Antonius Church in Scheveningen was designed by the architect Jos Cuypers (1861-1949). The stained glass windows and the mosaics were designed in 1925-1927 by Antoon Molkenboer (1872-1960) in conjunction with the artist Christiaan de Moor (1899-1983) and the glazenier and draftsman Lou Asperslagh (1893-1949).

In 1998 Glasatelier Oud Rijswijk restored the rose window in the façade and replaced the steel window frame (10 meter diameter) with a stainless steel frame. The 12 high windows were restored in 2001-2002 by the atelier and remounted with a protective glazing.

The remembrance mosaic measures 12 x 17.4 meter and is the only large mosaic in the Netherlands, and the largest in Europe north of the Alps. It contains approximately 2 million stones and was constructed by the atelier Mauméjean Frères of Paris.

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Mosaic Art Source –  Holland Mosaic Image Archive