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“Planten und Blomen”, seltsamer Parkname, nette Mosaiken.

I found the mosaic in a public park in Hamburg, Germany. The park is called “Planten und Blomen”, which means “Plants and Flowers”.

A bit more about the mosaic art in the public park “Planten un Blomen” can be found in this article (German only). The artist ist Abdullah Mumme, normally working at Mayer’sche Hofkunstanstalten in Munich, Germany. Mumme is a landscaper, his quotation in the article translates as “A mosaic is experiencable, feelable and touchable art. I want to present here the development of man from the innocence of birth over the struggle of life up to the wisdom of age. Moreover the nature of the park should be mirrored.”

Thanks for the info & links Grindcrank 🙂