Mosaic Artist & Photographer- Arlene Piarulli

The Prix Picassiette International Mosaic Exhibit in Chartres, France included a rich array of subject, material, texture & color in both 2 & 3D mosaics. Special thanks to mosaic artist & exhibitor Arlene Piarulli for sharing her photos with us!

The Prix Picassiette Mosaic Exhibition was created in 1996 at the 10th anniversary of the 3R association. The Association promotes the creation of mosaics and was inspired by Raymond Isidore who covered his house with mosaics. The “maison picassiette” is located in Chartres, France.

M.A.S. Mosaic Exhibit – Prix Picassiette 2006 Mosaic Photos

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Please Note: This Mosaic Image may not be reproduced in any form without the legal authorization of the artist. Please be aware that Mosaic Artists worldwide have united to form an International Mosaic Art Watch Group that will support the prosecution of anyone who does so.

Mosaic Art Source – Raymond Isidore & La Maison Picassiette Image Archive