Heads of State – Mosaic Artist – Daryl Lynne Wood

I am honored to present this month’s featured Mosaic Artist, Daryl Lynne Wood

Daryl Lynne’s latest mosaic ‘Heads of State, Round Table Summit’ is so incredibly unique that I knew there must be a story behind it. I asked if she could provide a little insight into her inspiration & process…

Daryl Lynne When I work in my studio I listen to CBC all day. I hear so many programs about Round Table Summit Meetings along with all the atrocities on the daily news. I become overwhelmed with the thought of wasted human life in areas of cultural conflict.

Being able to create art work in a peaceful setting usually seems so far removed from the everyday suffering of so many people, that I wanted to make some small effort towards the idea of communication and tolerance amongst varied cultures.

My purpose became to manifest “peace by piece”. I laid each mosaic piece in the hope of communicating an alternative to violent conflict and the idea that mixed cultures could co-exist the way varied materials coexist in harmony in a mosaic.

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