Yuriko Tse in Irina Charny’s Magic Butterfly class

Learn to make your own Mosaic Butterfly at the Institute of Mosaic Art

Irina Charny – Mosaic Class

Magic Butterfly — Mixed Media Mosaics Instructor: Irina Charny
Level: Intermediate
Prerequisites: Some mosaic experience
Cost: $200 Sessions: 2

Materials:$45 payable to instructor on the first day of class. Includes a mix of millefiori, Cinca porcelain, beads, gold and other unusual materials. Students may purchase or bring a sampling of vitreous glass or other additional materials. Student discount will apply at Mosaic Studio Supply on site. Go to the current classes page for class dates and times

Delve into the wonderful mysteries of mixed media mosaics and explore the world of color and pattern with award winning mosaic artist Irina Charny.

Irina was born in Russia and emigrated to the States where she has pursued a successful career as a mosaic artist.

Her unique and emotive figurative work explores the nuances of shape, mood and form and her use of color and pattern has made her work stand out in the world of modern mosaics. Ms. Charny brings her unique style and understanding of different media and how they can be combined to IMA for her signature course in which she shares her techniques, views and knowledge with students for the first time.

Known for her breathtaking mosaic butterfly forms, Irnia will guide students in the creation of a mixed media mosaic to be executed on a pre-cut butterfly form (provided).

Students will learn about combining materials, using unusual materials, cutting and setting techniques for mixed medias including ceramic, different types of glass including a combination of vitreous glass, gold, millefiori, unglazed porcelain, beads, and other materials.

Course will include lecture and discussion about the design process including the use of color, pattern, and texture in mosaic. Students will design and execute their own mosaic for interior display. The second day of class will include a discussion about demonstration of grouting and Irina’s unique way of finishing the edge of a piece for professional presentation.

Students will not grout in class, but will use both sessions for mosaic creation. Mosaic experience is required, as this is not a beginning course.

Institute of Mosaic Art

Mosaic Art Source mosaic definition:

millefiori – italian “mille” (thousand) “fiori” (flower) – decorative glass made by cutting and arranging cross sections of fused glass rods of various colors and thicknesses.

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