Make Mine Mosaic is a fantastic mosaic blog from Darwin, Australia. I asked Donna a bit about herself & her blog and found our names are not the only thing we have in common…

I’m so new to all this, just found flickr one day & couldn’t believe all the fabulous mosaic pics, started the blog just to file them for later… one thing led to another & I thought it might make a good mosaic resource… & now it seems I’m hooked on blogging! Is this similiar to how you started?

Donna: I started my blog after doing a mosaics class and getting absolutely bitten by the mosaics bug. Blogging was my way of keeping track of stuff instead of keeping screeds of paper that would just make a mess. I discovered flickr early on and realised there were lots of photos of mosaics there so it has become an excellent resource for blogging. Learned heaps through the process.

The blogging is a great way of documenting the cool mosaics around Darwin. It’s so funny how you start spotting them everywhere once something has drawn your attention to them. When I drive through suburbs I often drive the long way around on the off chance that I will see a mosaic I haven’t seen before. It’s a bit pathetic really LOL.

From one mosaic addict to another, I don’t think it’s pathetic at all.  I was just reading more of your blog & noticed that we’re both members of Sandy Robertson’s yahoo group. I had the pleasure of meeting Sandy, OzMosaics at the SAMA mosaic convention in Miami a few years ago, she’s got such great energy & is truly an inspiration. The Steve Irwin Mosaic project will be a wonderful tribute.

I love your blog and would like to post about it, I’m so not a writer and your posts are so well written! Could I ask about your fav mosaics &/your mosaic artwork & a bit of info on yourself to include?

Donna: My favourite mosaics? I love the dragon at Finlays & the spiral at the botanical garden in my darwin set.

3 rue du Petit Pont on Flickr – Photo Sharing!

This one is one I keep going back too as well, as it is just so well done. And I am a big fan of Hundertwasser. I adore the Kawakawa loos that he did but his whole sense of design and the Art Nouveau stuff he does – he’s an Austrian version of Gaudi. And who doesn’t love Gaudi!

I agree it is well done, love Gaudi, Hundertwasser & your whole Darwin set, it’s amazing how similiar our interests are… I’m tempted to ask what your sign is 😉 could we both be pisces as well?

Donna:  This is getting scary LOL. Yes, I am a Pisces although my left brain doesn’t take any of that seriously. Makes me wonder what else we have in common!