Detail of “Delancey Orchard” in Delancey Station, originally uploaded by hoggardb.

Ming Fay
Smalti Mosaic
Fabricated by Franz Mayer of Munich

Franz Mayer of Munich – a bit of history

“1847 Joseph Gabriel Mayer (1808 – 1883) founded the “Institute for Christian Art“. He visualized a company that was “…a combination of fine arts, architecture, sculpture and painting…“ to revitalize the medieval building trades. Around 1860 a stained glass department was created. In 1865 the first overseas branch was opened in London. In 1882 the company was awarded the status of “Royal Bavarian Art Establishment“ by King Ludwig the II. Following this, the studio moved into an rich and active period with over 500 employees and world-wide business connections. This was achieved during the management of Franz Borgias Mayer (1848 – 1926) who was the founder’s son. In 1888 a new branch in New York City was opened bringing the company to full international status and in 1892, Pope Leo XIII named the company a “Pontifical Institute of Christian Art“.

 After the 1st World War, Franz Borgias Mayer’s sons, Anton (1886 – 1967), Karl (1889 – 1970) and Adalbert (1894 – 1987) took over the management.  In 1925, the ecclesiastical sculpture department was dropped from the business and a mosaic department took it’s place. The company transformed into an artist’s studio for stained glass and mosaic. From that point on, many freelance artists and architects began to use the services of the studio.

During the post war years, mosaic was brought to new heights with regards to architectural art due to intensive artistic studies and new technical developments.  From the beginning, restoration and reconstruction of historic stained glass and mosaics were important and new experience in these fields have, over generations, assisted in realising these sorts of projects.”  source Franz Mayer of Munich

Franz Mayer of Munich – Mosaic Gallery