Opus Sectile Mosaic Floor Bury Parish Church UK, originally uploaded by fotofacade.

Images from the sumptuous Victorian Gothic interior of Bury Parish Church taken by Andy Marshall http://www.fotofacade.com/

“Wow this was a difficult job to take – what with several light sources, tungsten lighting and the clerestory windows covered with a yellow film. It meant I had to use a little flash to remove as much shadow from the tripod legs as possible.   The site is Bury Parish Church UK. You may have seem some of my other Tabblo’s of the church interior. The floor is apparently by Minton – but there is some debate about this.” excerpt from http://www.tabblo.com/studio/stories/shared/7481/4hls1ty6j9kz30u (image link)

Saint Mary’s church has a remarkable interior. Walk into the nave and allow your eyes to be led by the sumptuous Minton mosaic floor towards the alter where a visual treat awaits you in the gilded oak reredos using evocative themes such as the adoration of the Magi to fill your senses….. and here it is.”

Andy Marshall is an architectural photographer from the UK with a background in building conservation and the historic environment

Mosaic Definition:

opus sectile –   the tesserae are of various sizes but cut very carefully to form exact shapes, the shapes then fit together like a puzzle. Similiar to marble marquetry. ex. tiger assaulting a calf – coloured marbles – second quarter of 4th century AD Rome, Esquiline – Basilica Iunii Bassi  Mosaic Glossary