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mosaic entrance to a public toilet @ asakusa (i was going to photograph the entrance to the men’s but then i realised you could see right in to guys at the urinal)

“Asakusa is one of the few traditional quarters left in Tokyo. During the Edo period, it marked the Northern limit of the city. It was where the out-classed such as the prostitutes, yakusas and priests (as strange as it may seem) lived. Yoshiwara, the infamous pleasure quarter, was located in the Northern part of Asakusa, not far from Senso-ji Temple.In the Meiji era, it was in Asakusa that the first Western imported entertainment were tested. That is where the first public cinema opened, where the first Western operas were shown (at the Imperial Theater) and that the first music hall and striptease clubs made their appearance.

The most notable touristical attraction is the Senso-ji Temple (浅草寺). According to the legend, in 628 two fishermen found a 50cm high golden statue of the Buddhist goddess “Kannon” in the Sumida river. The county chief Haji Nakatomo errected a small construction to house the statue, which then became Senso-ji.” excerpt from Tokyo Guide