Queen Esther holding evidence of Hamen's Guilt - copyright 2006 Lilian Broca

 Queen Esther holding evidence of Hamen’s Guilt – copyright 2006 Lilian Broca

It happened at the 2002 SAMA conference, Opus Veritas: Fragments of Truth, in San Francisco.  Lilian Broca’s “Queen Esther Holding Evidence of Haman’s Guilt” was the first mosaic I saw upon entering the exhibit and my jaw literally dropped!  I had never seen such an exquisite contemporary mosaic and found myself staring in awe… Queen Esther was absolutely stunning!

Suddenly, I was caught up in a wave of people & found myself right next to this extraordinary mosaic and the artist herself.  Thrilled to realize I was about to meet this amazing woman (whose work was truly worthy of worship), I also found myself incredibly intimidated…  But Lilian is such a wonderfully gracious woman, who shares her mosaic passion so freely that I felt at ease instantly.  Incredibly, we found that we live only 10 minutes from one another in Vancouver, BC Canada!

Lilian left San Francisco with 1st prize in the two dimensional category and I left with a wonderful new friend whose work inspires me everyday!

Lilian Broca is featured in the Mosaic Art Source Mosaic Art Gallery

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