Moscone Mural, originally uploaded by kid_serve.

This mosaic mural was created by 2nd graders as part of a Kid Serve project at George Moscone Elementary School in San Francisco during March 2005.

Moscone Mural – Detail, originally uploaded by kid_serve.

Kid Serve is an arts education program guiding students age 6-18 through the design and creation of permanent outdoor murals in their communities. The 8 and 14 week projects integrate social justice, creativity and community service and empowers young people to take a leadership role in beautifying and transforming their neighborhoods.

Kid Serve Supervising Artist & Director is Josef Norris

Thanks for the info Josef, you’re doing such wonderful work with these children! I thought there may have been a little of the Isaiah Zagar mosaic influence in there, your murals are so much fun… ;o) Wish we could start something like this up here in Canada! I’ve included your comments in this post cause for some reason the comments are not showing up in the regular format…

Moscone Mural – Fabrication, originally uploaded by kid_serve.

Josef Norris | |

Hi –
Thanks for posting my mural! You had a question about Kid Serve –
here goes…
I’ve been running Kid Serve Youth Murals for 7 years. We do mural residenc ies in San Francisco and Oakland public schools. I’ll usually work with a class for a semester (14 weeks) and guide the kids (age 4 – 18) through the process of designing and creating an outdoor mural in their community. We’ve done about 50 of these so far.

I started out as a painter – and then met Isaiah Zagar in Philadelphia in 2002. After working with him for a couple of days I’ve been doing mosaics ever since. Another former Isaiah student Laurel True is based in Oaland and has set up the Mosaic Institute of Oakland – a great resource for mosaic artists in this part of the country.

Thanks again for your interest.


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