Jim at work, Jessie at rest…, originally uploaded by Lorcan Otway.

Jim Power was born in Ireland, Wexford or Waterford, forget which one, I will have to ask him. He came to the us in his mid teens, and joined the US army to get his citizenship by fighting in Vietnam. he was a waist gunner on a helicopter, and is sure his bad eyesight kept him from killing anyone, on any particular side…
I began to notice mosaic covered lamposts several decades back… Jim was creating his mosaic mile. That began a battle between Jim and the city, Jim armed with bits of plate, stone and glass, and the city with gray paint and scrapers. So far… Jim’s winning.
He has been a squatter on St. Marks Place, for all the time I have known him. Recently he was removed from his squat, and many believe he was the last squatter on St. Marks Place, once the Haight Ashbury of New York, the center of Hippie culture.
I am not sure how old Jessie Jane Power is, his better half. She is the kindest dog I have ever met. I have only heard her bark to invite other dogs to play. She now lives with Jim in a blue plastic tent in front of the building in which they squatted and from which they were removed.
Jim’s work adorns table tops in many of the cafe’s and restaurants in the neighborhood. He has done store fronts and signs in mosaic for local businesses.