NYC – Central Park: Strawberry Fields – Imagine Mosaic, originally uploaded by wallyg.

Once a fairly nondescript area stretching from 71st to 74th streets, it was transformed into its present, superbly landscaped condition through a gift from Yoko Ono. She presented Strawberry Fields to the park as a memorial to her husband, the late John Lennon, after his murder in front of the Dakota apartment house on Central Park West in 1980. It was named not only for the Beatles’ well-known song, “Strawberry Fields Forever,” but also for an orphanage in Liverpool, England here as a child Lennon played with friends who lived there.

Are there any actual strawberries in Strawberry Fields? well, it seems that plantings of strawberry bushes have not been successful due to a scarcity of sun in this quarter of the park. Only a few scattered bushes are to be found among its rich variety of shrubs. An official plaque calls the site a “Garden of Peace.”

Visitors paying homage to Lennon seek out a circular black and white mosaic set in a pathway. A gift of the city of Naples, Italy, a single word in the center recalls another one of Lennon’s songs: “Imagine.”

Central Park National Register #66000538