Glass as woman, originally uploaded by Kalabird.

Kitengela Glass, as their website says, is reached over an “atrocious road of rocks and gullies in the dry season”, and quite an awful road it is. It did help that we passed several wild zebras along the way, which made for interesting scenery.

The company has several outlets in Nairobi proper, but the factory itself is worth the headache (literally). Situated on open land overlooking a valley, the factory is one of the most original places I’ve ever seen. Imagine mud hut structures randomly placed in the “bush”, wild animals (turkeys, goats, donkeys, etc.) roaming about, beautiful sculptures made of glass mosaics, bright glass bottles hanging from the tree-tops, basketball hoops hanging from a tree decorated with glass pieces, and several interesting clay structures for sitting, displaying wire designs and of course, colorful glass. I’m certainly not doing the place justice in my description, which is why I took several pictures. It was a dream come true for my sharp L lens, as every angle afforded me the opportunity to capture beautiful color and sharp glass detail, highlighted by “bush” bokeh.

Check it out the workshops!!! What an adventure that would be… too cool

Kitengela, Kenya.